Aviary Admissions

Take a walk through our aviary complex and visit birds of prey from all around the world. You will see many different species, We have Owls from all across the globe to Buzzards, Vultures and more! You will also get to see the Hawks, Eagles and Falcons that are part of our Flying Display Team out on the weathering lawn.


Admission to Aviary Complex:

• £5.00 Adults
• £4.00 Children & Concessions
• Under 3's FREE

The layout is divided into two sections. First of all we have our weathering lawn where trained birds of prey are placed on perches in order to sun themselves (depending on the weather!), bathe and relax.

Weathering stimulates the birds to preen therefore increasing their ability to resist water-logging and it also helps to keep their flight feathers in tip-top condition. Here you will see the majority of birds trained using falconry techniques that are used in our flying demonstrations and in hands-on flying experiences with our guests.

Our aviary is home to many different species of Owls, to name but a few we have the largest of all the owls, the European Eagle Owl, an impressive bird of prey! The magnificent Great Grey Owl from the cold forests of North America and of course, the eternal favourite the Barn Owl plus many more besides! Visitors can take their time in this area and often by standing back from the barriers they can witness some very interesting behaviour.

Guests should note that breeding pairs can be a little shy when faced with prying eyes so please forgive their modesty!

For any enquiries or further information about our falconry experiences please call: 01606 882223 we look forward to hearing from you.