Intensive Courses 

Cheshire Falconry is an approved LANTRA Assessment centre for the Beginning Falconry Award. As a result of this all members of our falconry staff are Approved Assessors, testament to their skills in this area.

Assessment can take place with prior arrangement and is something interested parties should contact the centre directly about.

However, it is integrated into our much more in depth Five Day Falconry Course which aims to cover all aspects of falconry that beginners might be interested in, and in much more depth than is required for the LANTRA award.

A newcomer to falconry and birds of prey might feel a little overwhelmed with the unique terminology, equipment and training used in the management of birds of prey. Our expert staff will guide participants through the various aspects of this pastime that they should know with particular attention being given to the welfare of captive birds of prey. It would be foolish to maintain that our course is definitive-falconry is a constant learning process- but it gives an excellent basic knowledge to attendees who have the opportunity to spend a five day week immersed in falconry at a busy Centre under the careful supervision of our Approved Assessor(s).

Outline Program (theory & practical)

Intensive Courses: Five Day Falconry Intensive Course £695

Day 1


Falconer’s Knot i.e. securing birds correctly and safely. Picking up: Approaching the bird and securing it in the hand. Weighing: Concept of weight management, introduction of bird to scales etc. Diet: Chicks, Rats, Quail, Mice, Rabbit, Supplements, food preparation, hygiene. Terminology: Jargon busting!

Day 2

Equipment: Introduction to various items plus methods of fabrication. Gloves, Bags, Baths, Perches, Swivels, Leashes. Equipment Making: For example, anklet, Jesses and Bewit making; equipment fitting, tools needed. Equipment fitting: Practical fitting of various items of equipment to bird of prey. Diet: Balance, supplements. Hawking: Practical application of the preparation of a hunting bird of prey.

Day 3

Housing: Weathering, Shed, Mews, Aviary or free-loft, design, materials, construction. Imping: Feather structure, number and type; hard-penned, repairing, moulting, straightening. Running repairs to flight feathers to improve performance and presentation. Moulting: Theory, timing and important considerations during moulting period.

Day 4

Training Program: Design and implementation. Manning, Weight management, tiring, jumping, creance training, flying free. Hunting: Game licence, game seasons, permission. Lost Hawks: Loss avoidance, walking up, people to contact, telemetry, ID tags. Species Selection: Assessing suitability of species dependent upon purpose, what to look for in a new hawk (feet, feathers, wings, with parents), sources of birds.

Day 5

Health Care: Cleaning, disinfectants, parasite diagnosis/ treatment, worming, injuries, veterinary care, signs of sickness. Assessing the Condition of Captive Birds of Prey: Beak shapes, talons, casting a bird, checking feet. Law: Monitored species, A10, captive bred, wild birds of prey, DEFRA.

Course summary and conclusion.

Note: We reserve the right to adjust or change this itinerary based on participant ability or number of course attendees. Our five day falconry course is run on a bespoke basis. Please call 01606 882223 to discuss your specific requirements and to arrange suitable dates. 

For any enquiries or further information about our falconry experiences please call: 01606 882223 we look forward to hearing from you.