Junior Owl Experience £29

Duration: Half an Hour Age: 4-14YRS

One for the children! This session is specifically designed for juniors under the age of twelve. Enabling young children from age four to get hands-on have fun! and fly an owl.

Our Junior Owl Experience utilises the most calm and tolerant birds of prey in our collection to give children the experience of a lifetime as they fly an owl for the first time. There are several species of owl in our collection at the falconry centre including the largest species in the world, the European eagle owl. We like to start our participants with something a bit smaller, for example a barn owl, which will fly to and from the gloved hands of the children.

There is something quite magical about witnessing the delight on the face of a child when they interact with any animal but particularly with something as enigmatic as an owl. In common with all of our falconry experiences participants may find themselves part of a small group. As the predicted duration for this session is ½ an hour with most groups numbering more than a couple of participants we tend to allocate slightly longer to give as much hands-on and flying time for the children as possible.

When the flying is over we return to the aviary complex and weathering lawn where the rest of our collection of trained birds of prey is located. Here we like to introduce our guests to one of the “big boys” of the falconry centre collection, like the aforementioned eagle owl, and when their mood allows(!) we will often let the children have a go at holding one on their glove.


The good news for parents, guardians and relatives is that this session includes a single spectator place for a supervising adult to attend the experience. You might not get hands-on with the birds but there will be plenty of opportunities for you to record the session through video and photographs. Please note that spectator places can only be purchased and used in conjunction with a valid participants voucher.



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